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Messy Guests? Don't Have Time for a Deep Clean? Call PeachClean!

Before you get the keys!

We know how important it is to have the home ready before the move-in date. We will come in and do a very warm welcoming clean, all so that you can move in and start enjoying your fresh new home.

Too Far Away?

Cleaning your Airbnb is a big task! We know how busy you are, so let's divide and conquer in advance. Book your clean today with us, we have the best rates and availability.

Repeat Visits

We know occasionally everyone needs a little help around the house. When you have a professional cleaning team coming by every week you can truly wind down for the day knowing your home is in great hands!

Customer Spotlight

We like to shine the limelight on our clients in the Scottish Borders. This ranges from being featured on our social media or even writing a whole segment up about you on our ‘Property of the Week’ page. We try and promote businesses who we clean for as much as we can, helping your name spread around our audience! By working with us we will dedicate a whole week to advertising your company, rented property or Airbnb through our website and socials for FREE. Our clients can range from beautiful Airbnbs dotted around the Scottish Border hills to fantastic businesses operating within the region.

Our Roster

This is a list of our main cleaning aspects of PeachClean!

These progress bars change every month depending on which sector we have cleaned the most!

Airbnb 64%
Commercial 28%
Domestic 42%
Repeat Visits 87%

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We’re always striving to be better, customers are our number 1 priority. We would love to hear some feedback about your experience whilst using our cleaning services.