” I Couldn’t Afford It”

A Story Why Steven Chose
To Use Us Then Spend Hundreads of Pounds Throughout The Year

" I Couldnt Afford It"

” i live in Edinburgh and my Airbnb is based in Melrose, Scottish Borders. it’s very very busy in the summer with tourists using it multiple times throughout the week. It’s located near the Eildons and other historic walks so it’s very popular with walkers. Sometimes I can have 4 bookings a week! Basically, since I started using PeachClean they have relieved my stress and saved me money! travelling 80 miles 4 times a week isn’t cheap hahah!” Steven, another fantastic customer at PeachClean, he has been with us for 3 months and has been delighted ever since. We take great pleasure in helping where we can!

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