Join Our Elite Team!

You are the Boss!

 We help you find customers and source cleaning jobs for you. 

Work around your hours and decide yourself on what jobs you want that suit you and your schedule.


How it Works

We are a cleaning referral agency with the sole aim to provide customers with the most efficient cleaning services in the Scottish Borders.
We work by connecting you to clientele through our  digital marketing and all we gain is a small percentage for sourcing jobs for you.
 Email with the Subject “Application Pack” for more info

Discounts on Materials

Peach Clean partners can enjoy discounts on cleaning materials!

Let us know what you need in your daily cleaning routine and we can source materials for you.
*Not yet running*

Where We Operate

Our main operating area is around the Scottish Borders and we plan on expanding in the future.

However, when joining our team, we will try to accommodate you and keep each job within your local area. 

Our Aims

Satisfaction & Happiness 100%
Material Costs 15%
Fuel Money 12%
Profits 100%

These Aren’t Real Stats

Our Promise to You

We treat everyone here like you’re our own. You choose your hours to fit your schedule, the more you work for us the more money you’ll make! We try to accommodate so everything is as local as it can be too. The great thing about us is your in charge, you decide the hours which suit your busy life and we will try our best to fulfil that.